Hello beautiful peoples! 
I'm so excited to share with you my final post about my plastic surgery journey in Korea.
I've been separating my plastic surgery journey differently in each platform. 
I'll link every platform at the end of my blog post.
Before I start the final part of my plastic surgery journey, let me brief you about DocFinderKorea.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
Before flying to Korea, we keep in touch with DocFinderKorea which is a medical tourism agency, accredited by Korea government which helped foreign patients to introduce good, 
suitable and reliable clinics and hospitals for plastic surgery.
Unlike other medical tourism agency, DocFinderKorea staffs have experiences working in 
the field of plastic surgery clinics / hospitals, thus they could give us the real and insight information,
care and service that we needed before and after plastic surgery.
They will sort out choices and suggestion of doctors, clinics and hospital based on our request.
They know which doctors are better reputation or blacklisted. 
I believed that plastic surgery is a major decision and surgery in our life, 
so having good survey and information, choosing the right and expert doctors are very important!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
  • Understand your concerns & giving advice, suggestion before choosing the clinics & hospitals.
  • Provide the information of the clinic / hospital that you've chosen and they've suggested for you. So that you have more information and option to choose.
  • Provide feedback from your surgeon on your photos and prices and etc. (They could help you get better discounts from clinics / hospitals) 
  • Arranging your accommodation / hotel and Appointments with clinics / hospital. 
  • Airport Pickup during Arrival, Transfer & Departure. 
  • Translating / Running Errands / Buying Medication / Accompany us for appointment, consultant, Surgery and After Care.
  • Arranging after care service / treatment / beauty pampering and etc.
  • Provide free shopping tour after surgery.
  • PLUS POINT: Their staff can speak English, Chinese, Malay, Indonesian and even Cantonese. No worries about communication problem!
  • PLUS POINT: They have female and male managers which you can select which to assist you in the entire journey. 
  • PLUS POINT: It's been 58 days after my rhinoplasty, I still received warm message from DocfinderKorea Shin Park and Anne about my rhinoplasty result. Previously I still concern about my bruises at my nose bridge area and I texted them about it, they helped me to communicated with ID Hospitals and feedback to me about my concern which I really feel thankful about it! 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
They collaborate with clinics / hospitals with commission basis. 
It doesn't affect the price you pay as they already have fixed price list for all the clinics / hospitals.
Besides, they will help you get latest information & best price from the clinics / hospitals.
Plus, you will be having another friend to accompany throughout this whole journey.
Shin Park and Anne are like super super friendly and nice to us!
Why not give it a try?!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Write in email in English / Malay / Indonesian / Chinese, in which language you prefer. 
Send them clear pictures of you in FRONT, SIDE & 45°C view.
Please take under good lighting as they will be sending your pictures to your doctors.
They will feedback doctor's opinion to you by referring to your selfie!

29th March 2016 [SURGERY DAY]
Surgery day. I'm undergoing sleeping anesthesias for my Rhinoplasty.
I'll be sleeping through the whole operation for 4 hours.
I only remember that I'm super thirsty as I've been fasting for 6 hours earlier before the operation.
Friendly Reminder: Please remove all manicure and pedicure before any surgery, 
is a compulsory if you're doing it in Korea.
Gonna get changed into hospital robe, measuring blood pressure and etc before operation.

Having my final consultation with Irene and Doctor Il Hwan Kim.

Gonna say forever good bye with my old nose! 

I know my face seems horrible and pain. Except of dizzy, I feel nothing when I awake from anaesthesia
I'm so glad that Anna from DocfinderKorea is there for me by holding my hand all the while 
waiting for me to awake form anaesthesia. It feels so warm and sweet when someone's there holding your hand.
Especially when you're undergoing the surgery alone in foreign country. 

This is really helpful when you just need to point towards the sentences to seek for assist
from the nurse, cause we can't speak or understand Korean.

30th March 2016 [DISCHARGE / DAY 1]
I can't really sleep the night before as the hospital bed is quite flat and our sleeping position need to be above our chest level. It's really hard for me to sleep that night!
Luckily that I'm gonna discharged today and back to hotel.
Anna is explaining to me how should I consume my medication. She explain super details about it!
Keeping drinking the pumpkin juice that given to us by DocFinderKorea.
 We are given FREE pumpkin juice by DocFinderKorea if you used their service!

Here's "what inside my bag". ID Hospital Post Care Bag
Medical List  //  Instruction for medication  //  Surgery Care Note  //  Eye Pack  //  Mask  //  Bandage

Removing my cotton bud inside my nose and stitches on my ear on Day 2.

Here's my progress update for Day 1 until Day 7.
I've update vlog on my Youtube video about my daily thoughts throughout these 7 days.
Swollen are much visible after Day 2.

5th April 2016 [REMOVE STITCHES / DAY 7]
Finally get to removed my stitches! Been waiting for this day like century.
Can't wait to see the result of my new nose! 

Thank god that ID Hospital nurse are really handy and gentle to removed my stitches!
If not the pain level will be more extreme. Pain level for removing stitches - 6/10.

Still remember that I mention that ID hospital have special treatment care center for their patient?
After the 7th Day, we came here for facial wash and de-swelling treatment.

Finally! Getting my 1st hair wash after more than 1 week. OMG.
The reason why I can't wash my hair personally cause I still have stitches behind my ear.
I don't wanna have the consequences of infection so is a MUST to go to the saloon. 
Thank you DocFinderKorea for taking us here! 

I know you guys been waiting for the comparison. Here's the result after my rhinoplasty.
Day 7 - After Removing Stitches
Swollen Area visible on nose bridge, under eye. Dissolvable stitches inside nostril.
I can't see much different for my alar base cause still very swollen but I can see I have high nose bridge on the 7th Day.
First impression, I don't really like about my nose bridge cause personally I find it too high for my liking.

My Daily endless selfie for the progress day by day.
It's like opening mystery box everyday by seeing the swelling went off daily.
My nose bridge and alar base are getting more visible and de-swelling after 2 months.
As I still have dissolvable stitches inside my nose for 2 months, after the stitches drop off only I 
can see the huge differences of my alar base getting smaller and smaller. 
It take time to settle down and de-swell, I really love my nose bridge now! Super natural!

Upturned Nose, Large Alar Base / Large Nostril, Flat Nose Bridge, No Nose Tip.
Recent Picture of 2017.

Recent Picture of 2017.
Higher nose bridge, Alar base is getting smaller, most important is NO UPTURN NOSE.

Thank you so much for all the love and support throughout the whole journey!
My beauty journey transformation ain't complete without DocFinderKorea & ID Hospital!
Thank you for reading and joining my whole journey of Rhinoplasty.
I do received a lot of snapchat dm from you guys for the blessing and wishes!
Thank you so so much for everything.

In case you missed any part of my plastic surgery journey in other platform, here's the link:

Part 1 (Introducing DocFinder Korea, ID Hospital, Journey Before Plastic Surgery)

Part 2 - (Surgery, Days After Rhinoplasty, Before & After Comparison, Thoughts) 
[BLOG LINK] Plastic Surgery Journey (Part 2) [This Post]

Plastic Surgery Q&A
[BLOG LINK] Plastic Surgery Q&A
[YOUTUBE LINK] Plastic Surgery Q&A

For More Information: 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Official Website: http://www.docfinderkorea.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Docfinderkorea/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/docfinderkorea/
Weibo: http://weibo.com/docfinderkorea
Email: docfinder@naver.com
WhatsApp: +821020409969 (Mr. Shin Park)

ID Hospital
Official Website: http://eng.idhospital.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/idhospital.eng
Instagram: http://instagram.com/idhospitalkorea
WhatsApp: +821031875905
 Kakao Talk / Line / Skype : IDHospitalKorea 


  1. Hi Carmen! I felt that you're really very brave omg since I've the same type of nose as yours and I wanted to do rhinoplasty as well! However, I was really afraid of the end result may not be as what I imagined to be! May I know how much did you spend ☺

    1. Hello Ella! Thank you for being so sweet ♥ Don't hesitate too much once you've decide to do it! Make sure you done enough survey for your prefect nose shape and doctors before undergoing your surgery. I will be answering all your question in my Q&A video on my chanel! Please stay tuned! Thank you♥

  2. Really like your blog, very detailed and lots of pictures to see the results. Can't wait for your Q&A video, also hope that your bruises on the nose bridge is gone.

  3. I am so obsessed with your new nose. I have a wide nose as well and I love how natural your new nose is. Only problem, I have like, no nose bridge. I plan to show them your pic when I get my nose done, LOL! They'll be like, ohhh we know her! Hehe. Btw how is the bridge bruise now? I can't wait for your Q&A video. I'm curious about docfinder's prices, since I've been told they inflate it if you go through docfinder. Might be worth it though, since you get everything done or you... I just hope it's not only for the camera! I've heard horror stories that I'm skeptical about, but they're still scary to read! Especially as someone who isn't a known blogger or YouTuber.. Otherwise I'd help them promote if it means I get better service. >-< No shame!~~ Anyway, thank you for posting your experience. It's very relieving to see someone new to plastic surgery post about how everything went. I am praying things will go the same for me. ♥

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  6. Hi,
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    Warmest regards,
    Dr. Shah

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