Hello internet fam!
Can't believed that I'm typing this post right now.
Yes, I Said YES. #23042017
Still feel so so so surreal whenever every time I looked at my engagement ring.
I never actually share with you guys about our love stories before on my blog.
Perhaps a lil stories before I move on to the surprised proposal!
We've been dating for almost 11 years. From year 2006 until today.
But, we do broke up before during my UNI time, which around 3-4 months.
Everyone was shock when we broke up cause a lot people told me that we are 
But faith bring us back together, knowing that we both always have a place for each other.
I'm really glad that KJ never give up this relationship even when I do.

We've been planning our lil journey since we get together.
Promised to get a good job.
Moved out and stayed together before married.
Get our own house, design and renovate it.
Promised that the 10th years engaged. 11th years married.
To be exact, we've been together for 10 years and 4 months.

A lot of people asked me that, what is the key to maintain relationship?
Ultimate key of maintaining every relationship,
Family, Friends, Partners and etc.
We really talked a lot every single day.
Just like we just knew each other at our very first day.
Most important is, showing your love towards your love one.
Kissing, hugging, pillow talk is really important.

I do realised that there's a lil something something going on with KJ,
cause he've been acting really weird and very mystery in the past weeks.
As we've been living together, so is literally 24 / 7 stick together with each other.
He've been closing and locking his office room which he totally just left it wide open last time.

Next, Chenelle tell me she will be coming back to Penang during the fashion week,
but she texted me said that she's super busy and jam packed schedule, so she couldn't meet me.
But in fact, she and Esther are hanging out together for days.
Which makes me feel a lil sad when both of your bestie can't make a lil time for you.
I received text message from my girls gang dated me for an high tea session at Suffolk house.
Which also a lil suspicious cause they seldom date me to go for an high tea session.
But, I did not suspect about what is about to happen next!
You'll see the whole story at the video above!

Thank you for all the hard work and effort! Love every each of you guys!

Officially Taken!

I really really blessed and lucky to have you in my life.
He know I dislike laundry, he did it for me for these 11 years.
I love cooking and baking, he pick up this skill and learned to cook.
Surprising he could cook so well in western dish now!
 Taking care each and every of my family members just like his family members.
Most importantly, he never say tired of giving so much of time and love towards me and my family.
 Thank you for being the best man in this world.
I'm proud to call you, my one and only Fiancé.

Here's the proposal video!
#ISaidYesTooFast #LiterallyLike10SecProposalVideo
Thank you for all the wishes!
We are getting our Pre-Wedding shooting in Korea few days time!
Stay tuned for more video update in my social media platform.
Till next time, xx.


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