Hello beautiful people!
Back with another new post about my 30th Birthday Celebration this year!
I hope I could keep up my blogging mood on before baby is born HAHAHA
I really love how my birthday celebration turns out for this time!
It's so amazing and pretty! 
Tbh that I used to afraid of the age of 30 when I was in my mid and late 20s.
As I feel that I might not achieve what I planned, what I wish or dream,
my skin starts to sag, I'm not that young-looking compare to my 20s and etc.
Instead when I'm in this age, I do really feel that I've never been stronger, 
wiser and always ready with more adventure with this beautiful age.
Feeling really blessed that I'm in this age now, 
as you guys know that year 2020 is a tough year for almost everyone.
It's a blessed to waking up every day and spending time with your loves one with good health.

Been thinking of the idea of my 30th birthday for almost 2-3 weeks as I love picnic so so much.
So I started looking from Pinterest and 小紅書 to get some inspiration for my 
Picnic Afternoon Tea Birthday Celebration.
Initially, I do plan to do my baby's little Gender review on this day too!
But we've been to the gynae for 3 times and baby still too shy to let me and hubby see. HAHA
Been talking with baby for weeks, but she / he still not ready to reveal yet.
I guess I'll need to find out again in my next gynae appt.

I've searched for an ideal location to rent for my birthday for a few days cause 
I wish to have it on a garden / somewhere close to the beach 
and I accidentally found this Airbnb that's super aesthetic pretty.  
Been receiving lots of DMs about this place but I'm not ready to share 
as I personally feel that the owner is not really friendly throughout the whole dealing process.
I book via them thru whats app which is not Airbnb, but I found them via Airbnb.
The whole process is a whole lot of stories which I'm not gonna share it here.
So I'm so sorry that you guys need to find yourself by luck!

Gonna do some piclog for this celebration post.
Big shout out to KAKIAS Wedding for the amazing birthday picnic decoration!
They nailed it and the decoration turns out so amazing!

My all time favourite tea selection : Wow Tea Malaysia

And of course my pretty cakes for that day!
I request for something that more feminine/floral style and they did a great job!
Plus it tastes sooo good too! Not sweet for my personal liking.

Lastly, with my irreplaceable fam bam! 

Had such a wonderful 30th birthday with my loves one!
I do vlog about it in my channel too!
There's Baby Gender Reveal at the end of the video, remember to check it out. xx

That's all for this post!
Much loves. xx


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