Bali Day 2 
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but, hope u guys enjoy reading tho ;)
Having breakfast in our room! The room service is so awesome because you can choose anytime u wanna have your breakfast.

Mine - American Breakfast

Bbie - Indonesia Local Breakfast 

We booked a local taxi driver to drive us for the whole tour
His English ability is very good compare to other taxi driver, because Indonesia have different Malay language with us, so even thou you're talking BM with them, not all of them understand.
Most important is he's very friendly and a caring person. He would suggest and giving ideas for the tour that we've planned for the day to ensure we will go in right place and time. For example like seeing the sunset.
For the whole day tour, his charges is Rp 400,000 for 10 hours every single day.
If you're keen to have his accompanied in Bali, u may contact him by his mobile phone :
Mr Pudu - +6281936093040

Our Trip today is :
Padang-Padang Beach - Bluepoint - Uluwatu - Nusa Dua Beach - Krisna - Jimbaran Bay

1st Check in Padang-Padang Beach

Looks nothing and unattractive outer appearance 

It is too awesome for the beach! 真的深长不露

We took lots of crazy picture there, too silly to show in public! H-a-h-a.
Next stop, visiting the long wait romance wedding chapel in Bali in Blue Point Hotel!

We dine in their restaurant to have our lunch!

Their restaurant surrounding is just so perfect for the view!

We're facing right of the sky, sea and wedding chapel

Spot a pair of lovely couple shooting their wedding album, so lovely!

Have a side walk to the wedding chapel, the beauty of the scenery is so indescribable!
Can u feel me?  

Stretching my eye to open under the big sun -______-

 Luckily there's no wedding ceremony held on that day

Ily, My Boy

It is so so so pretty!
Why it can't be found in M'sia for this Wedding Chapel =(
It makes me have the married feeling, awww!
Do you have this feeling too?

Uluwatu Temple
Mostly people will choose for the sunset tour for this temple, yet we choose to visit it in the noon because we wanna capture clear pictures and have our Jimbaran Bay sunset dinning experience.

Here we are! Beside the super duper high cliff

I'm so phobia in height! I'm just so so so scared to fell off from this cliff while capturing the pictures,
although Bbie is holding my hand tight. LOL

This is way to high. Oh-Gosh. Kill me. My hand is sweating while I'm typing. wtf

Best Shot hmmm?

Nusa Dua Beach 
A very great spot for water spot and surfing
Super sad that we did not bring our swim wear along that day
Hope we will come back next time! because here have some super cool water spot like
having dive walker under the sea, dive with turtles and etc.

So, we done some shopping and have our temporary tattoo done there!

Nice to meet ya! He has a great art skill and passion on art. Hope to see u soon!

Krisna Local Balinese Shop
It is exactly the same with Sukawati in Bali, yet Krisna have air conditioner and cleaner environment and shopping experience. Most important is, everything is super duper cheap!
You can find a RM5 shoes and RM6-RM11 T-shirt with good quality

Jimbaran Bay Sunset Dinner
Kinda expensive here, because we dine in the wrong Jimbaran Bay.
Should dine in the old Jimbaran Bay which is much more cheaper ten times than us.
We choose New Moon Cafe as Mr.Pudu drop us here.

Exhausted Look.

Romance. That's what i feel 

Their seafood is very fresh and their grilled skill is superb! All their sauces taste great!

Enjoy our sunset dinner till the end of the day.

Yayy! Have our power nap and spa bath to end the day!

Last Bali post will be on the corner!
Update soon! Gonna hit the sack noww.

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