Making Some Dessert?

Have a break post before ending my last Bali post, I scared it is too bored for continuing my bali post like it is not gonna end ever. LOL
Dessert? Did you guys craving some dessert in this moment? Something sweet that will always brighten up your day!
Yayy! Did u guys still remember that I've made a pinky promised that will done some dessert in the previous post cause mama bought the machine that I craving the most!

I've browse through some dessert pictures, all is so tempting!
Which is your favor?

But only this I'll be making this time -  Waffle.
Cause I've been craving for doing this for a few months ago
Perhaps I'll try the other next time!

All you need is a waffle maker
and I get it from here.
It ships worldwide and secure to shopping in there!
I've been google for few recipe for waffle, yet this is the final one that i choose

So, here goes the recipe which is for 6 serving.
3 Eggs
335 g all purpose flour
555 ml milk
160 ml vegetable oil 
15 g white sugar
20 g baking power
2 g salt
3 ml vanilla extract
Whipping Cream

Steps : 
1. Stir the sugar and egg together to make the mixture fluffy.
2. Then, Stir all the ingredients together and left it for half and hour to ferment.  
3. It is done to make a waffle by using the waffle maker!
4. Don't forget to have some topping on the waffle like strawberries, berry or even banana.
5. Have some whipping cream, ice-cream and honey for your own favor too!

That's my result of the waffle!
It taste really good and the waffle is thin layer, it is a small potion of dessert after a meal!
Thinking of making some dessert for your special day or time?
Perhaps this is a good try that get rid of traditional dessert by making cakes only.
Plus it could be modifying into main course by having salmon or bacon with the waffle, it depends on you right?
Have a good try for this!

Love & Bye.

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