Bello! Finally the blogging mood is back.
So sick in the pass few days. FLU, COUGH, SORE THROAT the perfect threesome make my voice totally a MAN voice till now. Hopefully tomorrow would be better so that I could have my voice back soon.

Gonna continue the travel journey during Chiang Mai! 
MAE TAENG -  The elephant park
This is my very 1st time to ride an elephant, it is kinda scary but excited! 
We enjoy very much with the elephant show. They are all so talent that u couldn't imagine that this is what an elephant can do!

Guess what's she doing?
She's drawing her own species, we watch everything LIVE.
She even sign her own name on the picture.

The closest shot I've manage to capture!
All pictures are in the elephant museum, but we are not allowed to take pictures =/

It is so bumpy!
Our elephant can even race with other elephant just to reach the finish line 1st.
Can u imagine what's our expression while our elephant run like hell?

The best shot taken by the elephant's rider. 
I just forget to teach him how to ZOOM. 
But it's okay, cause the small elephant looks manja with his mommy.

I smile so happily here!

Next stop - The Long Neck Karen.
Before we visit their village, we are told not to laugh at them / their attires which they are different from our outer appearances.

Their attires are so COLORFUL.

Ah-Ma with the black teeth. Super chio!
Our tour guide says that's because she eat a lot black bitter nuts that cause her teeth become black. 

All are handmade by them! Colors everywhere.

Going further down the village and I found this.
I heard that their teachers are the volunteer people from World Vision
Big thanks to them for the society contribution!

The long neck karen.

Perhaps you wondering why they need to wear a bunch of heavy rings on their neck?
It is not about their culture / background / marriage or etc. Is about their safety by protecting their life in the cave. The long neck karen that you've saw in here, is the lucky one that could work downtown in the city.

In the past, women are only allowed to stay in the cave and man works in the city by working as a cheap labor in the construction area, which their paid are like only RM20/month. What happen is, there were TIGER's attack case happen everyday, by biting the women's neck which is the most important part of vain in our body. Many women dies in the tiger attack, thus they figure a way that could protect themselves while the man are working downtown in the city during the day.

It is so painful that, the ring is actually a hard wiring that is straight and long. It requires to burn it and makes the wire to bend, so that it could make surround around their neck. We are given pictures to see the process of surrounding the wire around their neck, all I could see is a burn skin on their neck. Their skin on the neck are all black / burn color. I'm very impress for their courage to withstand the painful process just to make sure they could survive everyday. So, if you're out there that trying to giving up your life, think about them. They are trying hard to survive just for a better life. Don't give up. God have given you a life, u just have to figure it out where / what to do in your life to make it beautiful.      

It is so hard to look down by wearing the ring.
But they need to survived in this way till they dead. How lucky are we? 

I swear to god that it is 5kg and above for this particular size only.

Saw this cute pie that he's studying his ABC.
It's so hard to communicate with them as they don't understand our language.
Luckily he looked up in a second to snap this picture.

Ah-Ma is superb friendly that she help me to wore this cap.
Which one you prefer? Black or white teeth? LOL

You're beautiful in just the way you are.

Super long wording post! 
Till next time then.


  1. Whoa, I never knew the story behind the Long Neck Karen. I thought it was their culture. Nice post btw :D

    1. Hi Hilda,

      I din't know too when i went there :)

      Thankiew for your compliment!

  2. thank you for sharing the story behind long neck karen! It's really sad. :'( great post!

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