Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie.

Kinda sad that I just browse through my August update, I just manage to update 4 post throughout a whole month. Blog stats are going down day by day, so I gonna work hard to get back the normal stats. I'm so happy to get comment that u guys are actually reading all my wordy words although is a long post. I'm so touched =') cause I thought that pictures will only be browse throughout the post!

Wanna share with u guys for a restaurant that I wanted to find it very long, and finally let me found it this time during the time I went downtown to KL for Nick Vujicic speech last week. 
Glad to see him so close in person when he pass by me. But it is so impossible to have a picture with him in close mood, cause everyone is dying to have pictures with him too!
I gonna blog about him in next post, wanted to share the moment that we spend together with him during his speech!

Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie.
I heard compliment about this restaurant for its bread / cakes / pasta. Finally get to try for it this time!
The most important thing is, it is consider as cheap in KL area for their price, so is very worth it.

Open area of their stone oven, 
u can have a close look for the making of the bread / pizza!

Serious dilemma to choose the best choice!
Everything is so temptation and irresistible. Just hope that I have more than one tummy to fit it ALL.

I just manage to capture some pictures of the cakes, cause it really looks weirdo that I keep wondering in front of the counter just to snap the pictures. Perhaps next time u guys may drop by to discover yourself!

Their restaurant are always FULL house, so I was kinda shock when I reach there cause I dint know there will be so many people! But one thing unique of their restaurant is, they will be having this OCCUPIED sign for us to left by our table and leave to order our food at their counter. 

I'm occupied. LOL
Le Bfie.

Le Bfie - Chicken Karaage Curry Rice
Idk why this not list up into their recommended dish, but it serious taste superb nice!

Mine - Mushroom Cream Pasta

Dessert - Levain Tiramisu 
It taste totally different from others! Just love it so much.

Guess how much we spend for the bill?
The price range is only around RM30++ because it doesn't have any service / tax charges. Awesome right?
I just miss the chance to try their mushroom soup, cause I heard that it is also one of the recommend dish.
Perhaps should try it next time!

Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie.
No. 7, Jalan Delima,
55100 Kuala Lumpur,
Phone: +603 2142 6611
Email: enquiry@levain.com.my
Monday to Sunday 7.30am - 9pm


  1. I've heard of this place before, the desserts look so amazing! Shall mark this place down for my next visit :p

  2. Hi ken,

    It is very awesome! U should mark it down :)

  3. Looks awesome :D I want the food baby!


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