Magical World Hong Kong Disneyland II

Haven't ready for camera*

Back back back back back.
I'm back in Part II of my journey in the Magical World.
You can read Part I HERE. Just in case you haven't read it!
I've been so sick lately after my China trip, but thank god I'm fine now.
But I've missed few events and gathering. Tears*
Please be strong body, don't get sick again.
It gonna be CNY soon!

Gonna be a long photo-log!
After I edit this part II, I only realized that,
I dint take much picture of myself during the whole journey :////

- - Park 4 - It's A Small Small World - -

Can't wait to visit inside with all the little man in town!
♪♫ ♪♫ Small small world ♪♫ ♪♫

It is so amaze! Every single corner have their own character.
Eg Asian, Africa, Underwater, America, China and etc!

Luckily we still bring our hand-book and checked the performance time!
We are pretty lucky that we arrived early before the carnival streets show starts.

Very lucky that a few character came to my direction and I did took few nice shot =D
I feel like hugging him when he stand just right in-front of me! AWWWW

Fairy Tale Princess and The Jungle Book!

They're too pretty in person! Just can't stop looking at them.
All their posture and action is really like the princess fairy tale we seen on story!

Tinkle bell!

My heart beat so fast when he come so near towards me! Shy*

Finished the carnival show, have a light dinner of Mickey waffle to wait for the fireworks
that light up the Christmas tree in the USA Street.

Yum yum! Take a quick shot before I ruined him up!

Every lights are up in the night! Just love the atmosphere around here.

Before light up ceremony!


I've uploaded VIDEO for that time!
I experience snowing in there for my very 1st time!
It's fake one laaaaa
But it feels so warm and blessed cause you share your laughter and joy of Christmas there with everyone.
You can see everyone is taking their hands up to fetch the falling snow, it's a joy of life tho.

Finally my last part in Hong Kong Disneyland is done.
It's so sad to say bye,
It's like yesterday you're just there, and now you're writing it seeing back all the pictures over and over again.
I would love to go back there again, if I have the time and chance!


Thank you everyone that participate for the giveaway!
I din't know that you guys wrote so lengthy words for me, I read every single one. Touched*
So this is my choice of the Give Away Winner :
Emily Yang
I've wrap it pretty nicely and will post out these days!
Hope you will use the palette for your 2014 Lookbook.

That's all for today I guess?
Still have few HK post and macau post to go.
See you soon then!

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