Valentine Celebration 14'

Hello girlfriend!
I hope I'm not too late to update about my V'day celebration.
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

 It's really headache when comes to this special day where restaurant fully booked
everywhere is full of lovely doves and traffic jam.
We've been celebrate our V'day in the past 7 years,
it's kinda headache to repeat the same restaurant in penang as Penang not really have much fine dinning restaurant.
This year, we both wanted something simple and cozy in home. 
So it's just a simple day off with my man in home.
As we both moved out to another house to have our own little space last year
is pretty much excited and fun to enjoy the special dates ourselves. 

We both enjoy cooking and baking always during free time.
He said that he wanted to be the chef for the special day few days before.
Asking me to choose my favorite choices for the menu during the V'day
How could I not say YAYY!

We shop for all the ingredients together, then he prepare all the dishes
while I do some simple setting for the dining.
For the very 1st time he cooked so many dishes all by his own, without my supervision in the kitchen.
So it is quite unpredictable for the outcome, pity him have to prepare and standing whole day in the kitchen.
But I really thinks he done a great job for the food and winning my hearts. Shy*
The food is awesome for the night! Perhaps the receipt of the book is good tho?!

Mushroom soup is served 

Chef of the day.
Pity him need to be in kitchen all the time ><
Thank you baby, ily.

The best picture liaoo cause I forget to smile wider. HAHA
I'm actually wearing my sleeping pants =D

Lots of love

Starter - Bacon tenderloin with salsa fruit salad.

Mine - Broiled cod with Puttanesca sauce   
I really really love cod fish! The combination of the sauce is really awesome.
The best love among all 

His - Rose Marry Lamb Chop
A little bit too much of rose marry for the lamb, but it's acceptable naa.
He always made the best mash potato  

Dessert - Rose Water Macaroons
He said that his shape of macaroons is kinda weird. HAHA
A little bit too sweet for this, but it's okay still naaaa 

Enjoy the bonding time and chilling time all the night

ILY too!

Wanna be drunk?! HAHA

Thank you for the dinner that day BB!
Appreciate all the things you've done all times for me since we're in the relationship 
 it really melt my heart especially seeing you running up and down
to read the recipe, and keep calling me to stay off from the kitchen while you're cooking.
Although we have to clean all the plates and pots whole night after dinner,
mopping the oily kitchen and stuff
but I'm enjoying to do all the little things with you.
As long as everything with you.
I'll be happy and glad.
I love you always.

It's been really hard to have new blog post for me these days
cause my lappy always constantly shut down itself.
It's been really hard to stay on for a long time but I'm waiting the arrival for my M baby these days.
Too much of love in this post!
Hope you guys enjoy reading and enjoy your day tho!
Update soon, tataz.

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