This topic been surrounding in my mind for few days till today.
I draft it for a weeks now. I feel I should blog today.
No worries dearies, is nothing to do about my friendship problem and all sort.
Just keep reading and you'll know.

I met up my old pal last week, 
We are the gang that we use to hang out in university when we're in our bachelor life.
It was 4-5 month since our last meet in person to talk face to face.
We din not contact each other often. Just sometimes drop by a few message to say hi.
But the feelings is indescribable to be so close when you meeting each other.
My car is running out of petrol, and I just left 50 bucks in my wallet.
I told my friend to pump 30 bucks for me, so that I have leftover to use later.
But what I saw from my window, it shows 50 bucks for the last payment.

I was so shocked and asked,
"wei, I just left 50bucks leh and now you pump all my 50 bucks"
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
"who say you need to pay 50bucks, this is discount for you"
he return 20bucks for me
"Don't ask, just keep it as petrol of the day"
and he smiled.

This whole week when I'm driving, I feel so warm when I saw my petrol meter.
He used to be kinda kim siap back when the days in university.
But when life come to another stage when you're working,
money is not a matter, you'll know friendship will comes 1st.

I meet lots of friends through real life, and internet.
There are some friend that really evolved become my best friend for life.
They would be your side when you need them.
We share things together
what we did, where we buy
What apps we use to edit pictures
we buy each other bills
we talked to each other parents, not only HI / BYE
We dint post ugly pictures when either of us are not good looking in the pictures
Somehow we did help each other to edit pictures to make we look good too
p/s: Don't tell me you don't edit your picture at all, I don't believe dude.

There are some friends, they are here when there's an advantage for them.
Fame / Money / Event
When you have these for them, they will come for you
they will say HI to you, treat you so nice and friendly
when everything done, you're not a piece of shit for them.

I'm the person that tears and cried a lot for friends.
Cause I treat everyone equally and did more than I could did.
I don't ask for repay when I do anything for friends.
I always told myself,
If anyone treat you good, you must treat them better.
cause nobody is born to treat you good.

I read one article before,discussing about
How to define / know who is your best friend.
Create a story that you're in need for money,
telling that you'll be able to return them in 3 months time.
Send this situation to 10 friends, by message / phone call.
List 1-10 friends, from close to not too close.
After the all the conversation, tell the friends that are willing to lend a helping hand to you
you're pranking them.
But to those friend that have million reason not to lend a helping hand to you, just keep this as a secret.

The final of the article is, the author found that friends that are not too close
are willing to help than the close one.

Will you try to take this test?

Before I end my heart talk session,
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