Sonny Angel Fashion Show & Collection

Bello my darlings!
Like finally I'm done editing and snapping awesome pictures of all my Sonny Angel.
I'm totally super in love with them! Cuteness overload man.
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Please beware that this post is an extremely dangerous to handle.
It may cause overreacting, excited and scream.
You may need to keep away from the computer if you're having the symptoms.
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I've been invited to Sonny Angel's fashion show weeks ago by Sonny Angel Malaysia.
They told me that they've been dressing up all the Sonny Angel with cute all their tiny pamper and jumpsuit for this fashion show.
You know what? These pamper and jumpsuit are exclusive in Malaysia only!

Meet Uncle Ben!
He's so hilarious when talking about his precious Sonny Angel

S O N N Y  A N G E L
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 Dream Inc. Japan created Sonny Angel in the year of 2004 with the intention of 
being a companion of Office Lady (OL) in Japan. 
As you know, 
OL are quite lonely when their life is full of working, no dates / relationship and staying far away apart from family.
Sonny Angel is meant to place at home being a companion of OLs upon they return from work.  

Sonny Angel = He may bring you happiness.
Yes, is he not her. You can see from their uncover bottom actually =D
I'm totally agree that he may bring me happiness! Cause when you saw the angel at the first sight,
you'll be smiling and wanted to get closer to look at them!
When you're tired of doing things or wanted to have a break,
you may look into their eyes, it really makes you feel relief for the moment.

There are 8 series for standard Sonny Angel series which are:
Animal Series 1 / Animal Series 2 / Animal Series 3 / Animal Series 4 /
Fruit Series / Vegetable Series / Marine Series / Flower Series

There are some LIMITED EDITION SERIES of Sonny Angel,
which will be launching during special occasion, festival or season which are pretty limited while stock last!
Here are some Limited Edition Sonny Angel Series that I've found : 
The Valentine Series Sonny Angel 2013

The Easter Series Sonny Angel

You see! How cute he is!
So small that could fit it in my palm hand, super convenient to tag him anywhere I go next time.
If you look closely every Sonny Angel, you'll notice that their expression is slightly different.
Each of them are artistically hand painted, so some might be having some irregular make up like we did!

Grab another one to be his partner in crime.

There are more in the Sonny Angel booth!
All with their colorful pamper, so bad I couldn't manage to snap the angel with jumpsuit one =/

This is the limited series of Easter Edition with Bunny ears!
I wish to have it badly ='( cause it is bunny yooo

These are all the Sonny Angel that me and Jxhia blind box have it!
We just randomly select from the box and this is what we got 

It is amazing that you could have the exact same Sonny Angel with your BFF
cause the probability is super low to get the same one!
Actually I'm so so freak and scared to pick for this limited edition, cause it left only two box of choice
I told Jxhia that, I don't wanna get like the ah neh neh d angel in this series,
cause you'll never know what you'll get in the box,
so she made a pinky promised that if I get the ah neh neh one, she will exchange hers to me!
I din't expect that we both will get the same! HAHA

Nuff ya*

Group Pictures with the lovely person that invite us!
omg, I look freaking huge here 

I've received a box of Animal Series 2 from them after a week!
|  U N B O X I N G  T I M E  |
Sonny Angels are comes in a blind box, which is we have no clue which angel within in every box.
Blind box is totally a surprised for everyone cause it is a mystery which angel you'll be having
You'll only know when you opened up the box and the sealed foil wrapper!

There are 12 angels inside the box!
I'll be open six angel here and the rest will be on Jxhia's side,
we are so obsessed with it and we face-time each other to choose the box, HAHA

There are 12 angels in each of the series, and there are chances to having one Secret Angel + Robby
hidden in the random box, but not everyone will get when you purchase each series!
It's your luck and your faith with the Secret Angel + Robby.

Time to unleashed the box!
It's an animation, so it may take awhile to load the picture

TADAA! This is the angels that I get!

These are all my collection of Sonny Angel!

What's your choice of all the Sonny Angel Collection?
The limited edition is a must grab for me as they are super cute and unique for collection!

In this 15th May, Sonny Angel is celebrating their 10 year anniversary
So do remember to grab their limited edition angels when they launch their angels!

Boys! You should grab for your girlfriend or sister!
They definitely love you more than last time! HAHA

Girl! You should have it cause it is super CHIO to have one!
Pictures wouldn't be bored when you have them.

For more information: 
Facebook : 
What's App : Serene Ong +60164225805 
We Chat : SereneOngQ 

Ending this cuteness overload post with my video of Sonny Angel!
Remember to watch in HD 

Hope you guys enjoy reading it!


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