Hello dearies! Happy Sunday!
As usual slacking around being a lazy bum at home.
It's good to be lazy sometimes. HEHE 
Sorry for not updating my blog recently, but I'm back with something interesting today.

I've tried and tested myself with the products, and it's my honest review for this product.
But please bare in mind that everyone's skin is different, 
so you'll need to step your feet in to know what's the result for yourself.

This post is about W H I T E N I N G.
I guess no one would never say NO to fair skin or glowy skin right? 
If you're seeking skin care that have whitening benefits for body and face, 
you MUST NOT missed this post!

Introducing this
Claim to know as The Number One intimate soap in Japan
Tokyo Love Soap originally from Japan. 
It's a combination of effective natural organic ingredients that lightens our skin,
remove impurities, tighten pores, soften and smoothen our skin!
Tokyo Love Soap also as known as "Celebrity Soap" in Japan, because it used mostly
by Japanese and Korean Celebrities! They claim that they saw instant whitening result after 1st used.
Would it be so miracle? Let's see!

I have my Tokyo Love Soap Pure Girls from Nattha Cosme!
Always love their service, fast and efficient.

They even include this brochure in the parcel!
Awww how girlish it is, right?

My Tokyo Love Soap Pure Girls.
Actually there are few types of Tokyo Love Soap, which are :
Tokyo Love Soap Original  |  Tokyo Love Soap Premium  |  Tokyo Love Soap Pure Girls
Tokyo Love Soap Girls  |  Tokyo Love Soap Professional (Medicated)    

But this time Tokyo Love Soap Pure Girls is my choice of tried and tested product, 
I even match the pink flowers with the box to make it feels like Sakura in Japan.

B e n e f i t s
- - - - - - - - - - -
- Makes our skin soft, smooth and moisturiser.
- Clarify and tone our pores.
- Help to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and scars.
- Make our pores smaller
- Remove discolorations, freckles, age spots and dark spots.
- Mild enough to use for our intimate areas
- 100% Natural. Organic and Vegan Ingredients

When I first open up, I'm impressed with the smell of the soap.
It is Rose! My all time favourite.

The size is big as our palm size with 100g.

Natta Cosme team are so thoughtful that, they even give us a small sample of
Tokyo Love Soap Medication to try on!

Tiny size of the soap! 
I haven't try it yet, but I'll give it to my sissta cause she have very sensitive skin 
so I feel this soap might be suitable for her to try on!

I've used this product for one week plus from today,
I used as my body soap daily to witness the result myself.
As usual body soap, rinse the soap with water.

Lather and Scrub the soap till it foam enough bubble foam for you to wash your body!

The bubble form of this soap are not much,
you'll need to lather few times to create enough foam for your body.
It's actually pretty good tho!
cause if the soap that have many foam/ bubble when you lather and scrub,
it means it contain lots of chemical to foam the bubble. As this Tokyo Love Soap said that,
their product is 100% natural!

This is the result that I've been use for 9 days, 2 times/ day when during my shower.
BEFORE : Skin are dull and not rosy white, little darker compare to the latest one
AFTER : Fairer skin with rosy-white, and glowy skin.
TIPS: Remember to leave 3 minutes on your skin before you rinse with water.

Whitening product is a product that we need to use for long term to see the perfect result.
If the result are instant, it couldn't last long.
I'm pretty surprised that the result are quite good when I saw changes in my skin within 9 days.
I believe that if I continuously use it for 3 months, the result will be more impressive!
This Tokyo Love Soap won't be sticky after you rinse with water,
cause some soap will leave some conditional sticky feel although you've rinse with water.

Thank You Natta Cosme for sending me this awesome product!

If you wanna have a glowy and rosy white skin as I'm,
You could always try Tokyo Love Soap!
I would love to hear the result from you too.
Happiness will be more joyful when you share with the people you loved!

Here's the link for you direct to Natta Cosme's Website
You'll be surprised how easy to get Japanese and Korean Celebrity Skin!
Be confident, Be Pretty!

Talk to you soon,


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