H-Artistry Penang 2014

It's party time people!
|   H-A R T I S T R Y  P E N A N G   2 0 1 4   |
Is coming back live at 17th April 2014 (Saturday) 7pm - 1am at Spice Penang!
formally known as Penang International Sport Arena (PISA Penang)
Are you excited? scream*

H-Artistry return this year with the First Global Art of Mixing party slated for Penang!
A promising elevated experience revolving around H-Artistry's trademark epic super-clubbing experience.
You could expect to be treated to a sensational mix of sight | sound | taste as they revel with trailblazers of every H-Artistry party!

This year H-Artistry will be seeing line-up of exciting local regional and international acts
by playing and treating the party with a stellar mix of music styles and genres all night!
The stage of the night will be taken down by :

Taiwanese Multi-Genre powerhouse & vocal heroes
A fresh and new style of music through their fusion of rock, hip-hop and EDM beats. 
Hailed as MandoPop’s number 1 EDM band.

Australia's DJ Brooklyn
Inspired by Havana Brown’s performance style, 
DJ Brooklyn is famous for her big-room tunes. This will definitely send the H-Artistry Penang 2014 dance floor into a fist pumping, 
body rocking frenzy with her infectious energetic personality.

Paperplane Pursuits
The hottest Malaysia electro-pop band in Malaysian airwaves. 
Love their "Beat of your love" so much!
Can't wait to see the Malaysia's best pop band that night!

Imma *BLEEP* Youup
Malaysia's Electro House Boy Band by Mr Fluff, Addic3rd and Unkle Jaymz.
Heavily influenced by Alesso, Avicii, Dada Life, and Tommy Trash, 
the big room style of IMBYU will definitely bring the house down at H-Artistry Penang 2014.

They gonna spin the house down pretty hard!
 You shouldn't miss this opportunity to meet them that night guys and girls!

Getting excited to join me that night?
Remember to snap, post and share your excitement using #HArtistry
with the rest of the nation as we are begin to countdown to this year's super clubbing event!

H-Artistry is open to NON MUSLIMS above the age of 18 only!
Get high with the official Pre-Event of H-Artistry video by ending this post!

Remember to dress in RED for the DRESS CODE that night!
See you guys there!

For more information:
Official website : www.h-artistry.com.my

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