Hello dearies! How's your day lately?
I just touch down yesterday from my short getaway. Miss my shopaholic life at there everyday!
Gonna back to blogging today!
But I wanna warn you that if you're hungry, I suggest you not to read this post!
Will be having too many food pictures in this post!
Sorry for luring you guys with all my food pictures! I hope you don't mind =//

As you guys know that,
I'm a huge lover of exploring good food and cafe, but to be honest I'm pretty lazy sometimes.
Lazy to make up, dress up and hang out for my meal of the day.
Plus I'm not a fast food lover, I only have fast food like less than 5 times per year.
Unless you cooked / take away yourself, or else it's impossible to get good food if you're lazy to go out.

I discover this awesome service quite a long time tho.
But I still wish to share with you guys for their awesomeness of having variety of choice of restaurant!
I use their service quite frequent when I'm in my Penang house,
too bad they did not provide service in mainland yet. Hoping them will expand their area in the future!
The best part is, they have my almost all of my all time favourite restaurant!
You can just enter your city and location, they will list down all the variety restaurant
that you can choose within your area.

For my place, I can choose more than 56 restaurant!
Almost what I craving for, they have it on their restaurant list!
It's really a big amount of varieties for me as my meal of the day.

Plus it is super convenience that I don't need to doll up my self just to have good meal!
In case you don't know how to order from FoodPanda, I've attached this infographic from Cheechingy.com.
Simple & easy to understand by you guys too!
Credits to : cheechingy.com

They even have their own apps in App Store |  Google Play  | Windows Phone Store too!

It's really a perfect delivery for me in my lazy days!
Cuddle in my sofa, having the best movie and good meal!
They also launched a new website for KL area, which you guys could check it out at:

If you've try them, remember to drop me your comment about your awesome experience with them!
Do remember to check them out in their official website!

Much loves,
Signing off.

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