Hi Loves! Finally have the time to sit down properly to start blogging.
It's been a hectic week for me, but I really enjoy the past weekend in an awesome hotel!
You guys would know how my weekend spend if you followed my instagram. 

Before I have my short getaway last weekend,
I went to Celebrity Wax & Beauty shop to get my eyelash extension done before Chinese New Year!
I really love their environment and cozy place that really relax my mind to pamper myself.
The plus point that I love about their shop is, they offer lotsa pampering treatment.
You know what? They are using traditional methods and ingredients for all the treatment they offer.
I really love their philosophy! 

They offer varieties of pampering session, like eyelash extension, V steam Spa,
manicure & pedicure, massage, spa & traditional threading specialist!

I just love this cozy corner! Chinese New Year is just around the corner 

They have a room specially for manicure & pedicure! 
The nail service provided by them are using OPI nail polish, no worries that they are using low quality nail polish.

I personally really love spa treatment, as it will energise our mind, body and soul. 
They offer several treatments with flowers as their base ingredient to induce this spa treatment.
Spa treatment like, Traditional flora bath, Cleopatra milk & honey spa and Eternal Lotus Spa.

These are the massage oil they will be using while our massage session. 
Besides, they do offer body scrub too! It's really good to do all at once during this pampering session.
The body Scrub treatment that they offer are, 
Royal rose body scrub  |  Divine lotus body scrub  |  
Immortal aloe vera body scrub  |  Glorious dragon body scrub  |  Refreshing avocado body scrub  |  
Strawberry body scrub  |  Japanese green tea body scrub.

I know you're wondering what's V-steam pampering? You may start guessing. HAHA
It's a traditional Vaginal Steam. Yeap. I din't type wrongly. 
I do know this traditional steam exists in Indonesia, but dint know that they do offer this services in here!
What's V-Steam? 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - 
This is actually an ancient treatment that brings heat to our womb, 
to stimulate circulation to the pelvis and to cleanse, tone, nourish and heal out vaginal tissues. 
It's like a vaginal detox to maintain healthy fertility.

This is how it looks for the V-steam chair.
They will be placing herbs in the hole and all we need to do is, start to enjoy the steaming process.
It's really good for ladies that are having unstable period all the time.

This are all the herbs that they have for the V-steam pampering session.

|   Eyelashes Extension Pampering   |
I'm super duper excited for the extension as I'm a person that ALWAYS need fake lashes.
It's really a good choice and decision for me to have my eyelash extension before CNY!

Here are the selection choice they have. All looks so dolly!
I'm super dilemma to choose but I wanna go for volume style. So final decision that I made is,
Volume 180 Lashes, C Series

Can't wait the outcome!
I did my eyelash extension that day in eCurve Centre Atrium as it's near to ikea,
and I wanted to go shop for some item after that.
You may visit to eCurve as they are having Chinese New Year fair there until 23rd February 2015!

I'm amazed with all the eyelash extension that they show me, they are all made and imported from Japan.
When the moment I touched the lashes, I swear that it is super duper soft like real lashes.

 Before Eyelash Extension

After Eyelash Extension

It's so natural and soft like my own lashes!

Left: Before eyeliner   |   Right: After Eyeliner

Waking up everyday like this is my dream!
I'm feel much more confident to hang out with no make up after my eyelash extension.

Promotion valid until 23rd February 2015

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
B-1-20, Pelangi Square, Pelangi Damansara PJU6,
Persiaran Surian, 47800 Petaling Jaya.
Tel : 012-6636220 / 03-77331794
Email : sltankl@gmail.com

Facebook : Celebrity Wax & Beauty
Finally done this super long post! Honestly, I really really love the outcome!
Even thou I couldn't rub my eyes like I usually love to do before sleep,
but I really love how it save my time for my daily make up!

Thank you for reading loves.
Will be uploading my long wait post that I been prepared for some time this week.
Stay tuned.

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