Hello beautiful darlings! 
I'm so excited to share with you guys my favourite haul of the month of August.
I know it's almost the end of the September, but late it's better than non right?!
It's been awhile I'm not doing my favourite haul, but I do hope you guys still enjoying to read it.
I get lotsa homeware decoration in the past month and I'm loving it so so much! 
Forget to mention that, most of the item of my homeware haul are from Typo online.

Baby Breath 
KJ helped me to dried up the baby breath that he get me on our anniversary, 
cause I told him that the dry baby breath looks super amazing in my desk! Indeed it is. 
Looks so autumn feels in my desk. Should replace it with my autumn candle.

Rose Gold, Gold and White Vase / Pencil Holder
I'm so into rose gold that month, so I wanna get the rose gold item when I saw it in Typo.

Pyramid Jewellery Box & Skull Holder 
Sometimes we just need to add some cool kid in our collection, right?
The pyramid jewellery could stuff in some led lights and it looks wonderful at night!

The Casing
I just loving the banana casing so much. If there's the pineapple one, should be better!

Stag Head 
Will hang it soon on the wall! Can't wait.
Tea Cups
If you're my loyal reader, you'll know that I'm a huge mug lover. 
I always have a lil dream that I wanted to held a small tea party at my house with my loves one 
with all my collection of cute lil tea cups and homemade cakes! 
I get this super pretty tea cups from Chenelle as she saw these pretty lil things while she's shopping!
The plus point is, they are all inexpensive! Around RM39/cups.

I get this one from my Hatyai trip on that month. Super pretty and cheap as well!
Around RM19/cups. How not to bought it when saw it. Oh Gawd 

Not forgotten these two, one from Typo and one is Chenelle help me to bought it!
I just love the quotes, "Don't quit your DayDream" 
One of my girl god make up artist! Just in love with all her Youtube video so much.

Before I end this post, I've capture some pretty lil pictures with all my favourite haul.
If you're dilemma how to decorate with all these haul, these are some ideas.
It looks so perfect in pictures! Can't wait to put them in shelf soon.

That's it for my favourite haul post! Thank you so much for reading.
Remember to leave me your comment if you guys wanna read more about my haul for every month?
I'll try? HAHA
Take care and we'll talk soon!

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