Holla! It's the best timing to have some special giveaway for this year! *Drum Rolls*
I love Christmas season so so much as I always believe that this is the season of giving
to all the lovely people that you would like to thank and appreciate for the year!
I already have this giveaway idea when during my Korea trip, thus all of this are all the way from Korea!
Shall we go further to the wonderful gift?

Item 1: J'aime Les Livers Storage Pouch

Item 2 : Meow Meow NoteBook

Item 3 & 4: Quote Card & Deco Sticker

There's more instruction behind it! 

Item 5: Natural Republic Mask x 2

Item 6: Beauty Sponge (Must in everyone's make up collection!)

Item 7: Little Duckling Socks x 2

I just wanna say THANK YOU THANK YOU & THANK YOU for the support and love.
Although we can't exchange our Christmas gift together,
but I still hope you could get my warmest gift during this wonderful season of the year!
My life are incomplete without you guys! P/S: I love you.
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1. Leave a comment below and tell me,
What's your MUST have dish / dessert during Christmas gathering dinner?
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3. Don't forget to leave your Name, Facebook Link, Email Address.

I'll pick the lucky one for this Christmas Gift 2015! Can't wait to read all your comments! 
Giveaway Ends: 18th December 2015
Good Luck!
Updated 18/12/2015


  1. What's your MUST have dish / dessert during Christmas gathering dinner?
    Answer: Must have dish is ROASTED TURKEY and GINGERBREAD! ps/ GINGERBREAD IS A MUST!!!

    Name: KOEY LEOW
    FB: www.facebook.com/koeyleow
    Email: koeyleow@gmail.com

    Followed and Subscribed to your blog and youtube! Btw, please make more video especially vlogs!

  2. Hello Carmen Layrynn. I must have dessert during Christmas is Chocolate Fondue ! It's so scrumptious!
    Name: Isabella Cheng
    Facebook : https://m.facebook.com/isabellawt
    Email: wanteng_cheng@hotmail.com
    I followed your YouTube and blog!
    Thanks for making this giveaway and Wish you have a wonderful Christmas in this year <3

  3. Hi, My must have dish is Roasted Turkey:)

    Name: Eriol Loh
    FB: https://www.facebook.com/eriol.lwatever
    Email: bubblegum_77@hotmail.com

  4. My must have Christmas dessert would probably be the Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake! Regardless of any dish, they are all my fave cause it's the company that counts (:

    Name: Hilda Teo
    FB link: https://www.facebook.com/hildamilda
    Email: iamnotmissdorky@gmail.com

  5. Hey Carmen! :) My must have dish would be Christmas Desserts and probably I will choose apple pie! Christmas without a dessert is incomplete at all. :D

    Followed and subscribed.

    Name: Kong Wei Xin
    FB link: https://www.facebook.com/weixiinnn
    Email: weixiinnk@gmail.com

    Merry Christmas! :)

  6. Hello, so what is my MUST have dish/dessert during Christmas gathering dinner, ROASTED TURKEYS and PROSCIUTTO/HAM WRAPPED ASPARAGUS!

    I think for me these two dishes is a MUST lol :) If really want me to choose, probably would me PROSCIUTTO/HAM WRAPPED ASPARAGUS!

    Here is the reasons that I chosen them to be MUST have dishes:

    *Roasted Turkeys is big enough to serve large families and it is a tradition food to eat during Christmas season.It also something different to eat compare to the hens or boars.
    *While Asparagus is a seasonal, fresh and tastes fantastic! Asparagus really is one of the stand-out ingredients and fantastic addition to any family meal, not just a side dish but as the star ingredient and buying in a season. So, it is good to have something special during gathering with families.

    *I just watched your new video uploaded about the Massive Korean Hauls! Its very nice and so love it!!!Hoping to watch more videos about this, Christmas decor and much more!
    Wish you have a wonderful Christmas!

    Name: Winnie Ng Ka Yee
    Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/winnie.n.yee
    Email Address: rosebullet88@hotmail.com

  7. What's your MUST have dish / dessert during Christmas gathering dinner?
    Firstly, I think probably would be Turkey Stuffing!!! Awwww~~ Just can't wait to have that on my Christmas. In case don't know what is it, google it!! It will catch your eyes !! :D

    Secondly, NACHOs can also be one of the Christmas dishes, easy to made, and can serve a lota of people ^^

    Name: ShenyinOh
    Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/Shenyin.93
    Email Address: Shenyinoh@gmail.com

  8. Hello Carmen jie jie! Christmas dish/dessert that I must have is chocolate fondue! In this warmest season, with a sweeet sweeet chocolate foundue is the best ever! I will be so blessed!

    Name: Katrina Khoo
    FB: https://www.facebook.com/kat.khoo16
    Email: fernyi16@gmail.com

    Thank you so much! <3

  9. My must have holiday dish is almost any kind of pie, as long as there is a massive amount of whipped cream on top (:

    Name: Lita Bush
    Email: litabush@hotmail.com
    I don't have a Facebook, but I'm following on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/thatswasssup

  10. What's your MUST have dish / dessert during Christmas gathering dinner?
    Christmas cakes especially chocolate flavor because it is my favorite.

    Name: Kien Mei
    FB: https://www.facebook.com/kien.mei
    Email: surveyfoo@hotmail.com

  11. Hai Carmen, what's my MUST have dish during Christmas gathering dinner would be Chinese Food although Christmas are meant to be Western but it also is a symbolize of gathering / reunion for my family. And as for what's my MUST have dessert it would be chocolate fondue with ice cream & fruits. Thank You!

    Hope you have a wonderful christmas! :D
    Followed and Subscribed to your blog and youtube!

    Name: Pauline Siew
    FB: https://www.facebook.com/Paulines.95
    Email: pauline_line95@hotmail.com


  12. Answer: Must have dish is the roasted turkey OMGGG! Fatty turkey boom boom hahaha!

    Name: Jiki Yew
    FB: www.facebook.com/siaujing
    Email: yewsiaujing92@gmail.com

    Thank you and have a nice day! You will be blessed everyday :)

  13. Hmm.. a dessert for christmas, sounds like a good soft cheesecake with hot green tea latte will warm the christmas night. ;) Thank you!

    Name: Nicole Cynnie Long
    FB: www.facebook.com/nicolecynnie
    Email: nicolecynnie@gmail.com

    Have a blessed Christmas, Carmen!

  14. Hello, Carmen! My must have dessert furing the Christmas gathering dinner is Homemade Chocolate Buche de Noë , because this is one of the dessert that kids and the elder can eat together so that whole family can get to sit down dinner and gather together!

    Name: Isabell Xiao Lin
    FB: https://www.facebook.com/isabellxiaolin
    Email: xiaobellmilkk.22@gmail.com

    I've followed ur blog and subscribe ur Youtube Chanel!

    Thanks Carmen and Have blessed Christmas! xoxo

  15. Hello Carmen!

    My must-have Christmas dessert is Log Cake! I like Log Cake very much and my family will have it on Christmas Eve every year, it's a very significant Christmas dessert to me!

    Name: Princess Neverland
    Email: liewsinyee@hotmail.co.uk

    I have followed your blog and Youtube channel, thank you so much for the giveaway Carmen!

  16. Hello Carmen and Happy Christmas in advanced! I know Christmas is probably still a long way from now but there are too many things around that make us feel so freaggin' festive and Christmassy.

    My must-have dishes are roasted turkey and mashed potato, but they are more like traditional Christmas food so it's kind of obligatory. My favourites however, would rather be side dishes/desserts/light snacks. Mince pies and Christmas sugar cookies (with pretty decorative icing on top) are my favourites. There is just something about them that smells of Christmas. We usually have these after the proper Christmas dinner. It is always my favourite part as most of the children in my family love snacking on those as the adults chat away in the cozy living room.

    I have followed your blog (not because of this contest, but because your content is awesome) and your YouTube channel (looking forward to new videos every week!).

    Name: Tan Jia Qi
    Faecebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/jessicaqiqi.1111
    Email Address: jiaqi.taylorswift@gmail.com

    May the odds be in my favour!

    1. Hi Jessica,

      I really love your comment! It's my desired dish to have in Christmas too!
      Therefore you're the LUCKY WINNER of my Christmas Giveaway 2015!
      Please drop me email for your personal details (Name, Address, Tel) that enable me to post your gift!
      Merry Christmas In Advance too ♥

    2. It's an unforgettable Christmas for me this year. Thanks a lot Carmen! :D