Hello beautiful people!
Haven't really did a proper make up tutorial before in my blog,
really glad and honour to partner with THE FACE SHOP for this make up tutorial in this post!

All of the make up product in this post are using THE FACE SHOP,
to create this look - Summer Sunset Make Up.
Personally super loving it as I feel that most of us aka Asian suitable with orangey, peach, red tone.
You can always modified this look by only having the orangey eye shadow and you're good to go!

Based - Anti Darkening Cushion (#N201)
Love how it minimize pores and blemishes, brighten up our complexion
and leave our skin velvety smooth finish after applying it!
Tips for achieving Korean dewy skin look:
choose one shade lighter than your skin tone and blend well to your skin,
you'll achieved the dewy skin look!

Concealer - Liquid Veil Corrector (#V107)
One of my favs among all of the product!
Hands down to this concealer as it's moisture enough to cover dark eye circle and blemishes,
but not too liquid to be light coverage! Super loving it! ♡ 

Eyebrow - Designing Eyebrow Pencil
After the first time using it, I literally could list it in my favourite of the month!
Cause it's really easy to glide on, and the brush is smooth and soft to blend out the draw line.
Plus they have 6 colour to choose which suit everyone's preference.

Eyeliner - 2 In 1 Eyeliner
Beginner of make up will seriously love this eyeliner!
It's could use two way for felt tip liner and kohl liner. 
The felt tip liner is a lil stiff so it will be more steady for beginner to draw perfect eyeliner.

Mascara - 2 In 1 Curling Mascara
Super considerate for us by having 2 in 1 mascara! Power big brush mascara could be use 
for our upper lashes and the super slim brush for bottom lashes.
No worries about accidentally smudge your bottom lashes mascara by using their super slim brush!
Extra lightweight and better to hold your lashes extra hours for the day!

Eyeshadow - Monocube Eyeshadow 
Must try of the year! They have 60 varieties of the colours for you to choose.
You can mix and match with your favourite colour.
Pigmentation, long lasting and colours pay off is good enough and worth for the price! 
First row: (Left to Right) OR01, BR07, RD02
Second Row: (Left to Right) PR01, BR03

Marble Beam Collection
Blusher - 02 Love Coral Light  //  Highlighter - 04 Love Aura Light 
Look at the packaging! Super pretty! My heart is sold once saw the packaging.
I purposely choose this coral light colour to match my eye make up and it suits perfectly well!

Lipstick - Flat Velvet Lipstick (RD03)
I've talked about how amazing these lipstick are!
If you haven't read the details of this flat velvet lipstick, click HERE

Summer Sunset Eyeshadow Picture Tutorial 

Eyeshadow Outcome! 

Completed look!

Really loving this look so much!
I've uploaded this whole make up tutorial at my youtube channel too,
Remember to watch the video as there's a surprised giveaway at the end of the video!

For all the product that I've mention above,
You can purchase it via their official website at http://www.thefaceshop.com.my/

For more information and latest promotion,
You can check out their official Facebook Page THE FACE SHOP MALAYSIA FACEBOOK


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