New Chapter in life

Finally I'm done in EVERYTHING.
Just back from my uni in the noon and get my hair dye done and that's it.
I'm still thinking what should i do for tomorrow, without the rush of assignment, exams and final year project.
Din't thought of the day of ending my studies life would be so fast like a blink of eye.
I'm a seriously sensibility person. I feels touch, emotional and complex feelings easily.
I can't sleep well last night when I was in my hostel bed for the one last time, memories flash back and it touched my so hard, so so hard.
I hugged almost everyone I met before I leave my hostel today, tears completely failed in hiding.
Thank you for the one whom had left the best memories in my uni study life. 
We could not denied that no matter good or bad, everyone exist for a reason in your life, 
every matters that happen, it makes us grow stronger.
Dedicated to all my dear friends, all the best in your future. I hoping to see u guys again! tears*

I'm waiting ahead to step forward to my new chapter in life. 
Recharged my battery and back in my insurance career line to fight for my achievement!
I'm happy that my passion in blogging still maintain and keep it in a nice shape. I hope I could blog till I'm old which could becomes my life diary to read it back.
Perhaps you're still enjoy reading my blog when u turns old? H-a-h-a
Will be having a Stylenanda LIPs tutorial in the up coming blog post! I hope I could record and edit in time!

That's all for today I think! 
Gonna wash away my mask and have a power sleep!
Will keep update.

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