BEWARE that this post gonna have bundles of pictures.
Finally done editing all the pictures of this post for the lips tutorial for the 3CE lips color.
I wanted to record in video, but the end I gave up cause it will used more time to edit and etc etc.
So I decide to use pictures and some animation pictures, hope u guys don't mind kay.

I received this 3CE sponsorship for Lip Stick and Lip Pigment back in few weeks.
I'm totally a happy kid because I dint know that I would be so lucky to get sponsor by PAWANNA_SHOP.
All they orders are directly from the authentic Korea 3CE shop. The MOST important is, their price is only slightly higher compare if you direct purchase from 3CE website.
It will be less worries for the parcel from Korea or any custom issues, because their service is superb fast and efficient!
You may ask for different opinion and comment from the owner too! She's very friendly and patient.

Every product are nicely packed in the parcel direct from Korea!

All authentic 3CE product have this sticker attached on it. Do mind for the fake one!

The Choice I've choose :
# Lip Stick : 402 Fucshia
# Lip Pigment : Issue / Electro Pink / Modern White
# Lip Brush for Lip Pigment

So here goes for the tutorial of all the colors that I've!
1st attempt : Lip Stick 402 Fucshia

Mad Love for Pink Lovers!

Remember to apply some lip gloss to moisture your lips!

Dip away the extra colors to sustain for long lasting look!

Outlook for #Lip Stick 402 Fucshia.

Second Attempt : Lip Pigment Issue
I've mix and match with #Lip Pigment Modern White to see the different color changes.

That's the color of #issue! It looks no different with their packaging.

Outcome of #Issue.

Mix & Match with #Issue and #Modern White.
It turns a lit orange beige compare with the original color of #Issue.

It looks more natural and not too shocking for the colors.

Third Attempt : #Electro Pink
Mix and Match with #Modern White and Wild mix with #Issue.

It blur off, Oh-Gosh! =/

Outcome for #Electro Pink.

Mix and Match with #Modern White

I feels I looks like Nikki Minaj's Lips. Lol

Forth Attempt : Wild Card 
#Issue mix #Electro Pink! Who knows how the outcome would be?

That's the outcome!
 I love it the most actually!
So which is your love / favor color among all?
Mine is the last one! The wild card match.
Perhaps your thinking of why I'm having the same pink color of Lip Pigment and Lip stick.
I personally thinks that Lip stick I could tag along to anywhere, instead of bringing the lip brush along!
I would be blaming myself if I lost the lip brush afterwards.

TROUBLESOME of Removing Lip Stick?
I not sure that you guys having any problems when comes to remove the lip sticks.
Yet, I have a super duper serious crack lips problem, which I could not use any make up remover product to remove my lipstick stain. It's hurts and pain when the crack contact with the chemical.
So I've found out a better way to remove lipstick instead of using make up remover.

You may use any other brand, 
it is fine as long as it is moisture enough to remove your lipstick.

1. Use a wet tissue / cotton pad to remove the lipstick stain 1st.
2. Apply any lip gloss product on your lips and leave it for a few minutes and this time you could remove other parts of your make up.
3. That's the result!
Quick and Easy!
Remember to apply your lip gloss again to keep your lips moisture.

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Till next time! 

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