A Date with Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic
He is a person that rare disorder characterized by the absence of all four limbs. He's known as a motivational speech speaker worldwide. He speaks about his beliefs that God can use any willing heart to do his work.
That's what I found in Wikipedia that describe about Nick Vujicic.

Back in weeks, I've get the chance to join him for his inspiration and motivation talk about his life, how do he face all the failure and challenges in his life. So, I decide to write it into a blog post to share with u guys, what he told us on the night! Although I couldn't bring u guys to the environment that we having that day, but at least I've pass the message to u guys, right? 

See all the people that night!
This is only the picture of my right side, left side is even more!
Luckily we grab a good spot in the middle.

The best shot I could get when Nick Vujicic pass beside me.
He's so handsome and tiny.

In Nick's speech, he shared with us his 8 Principle that used in his life. But I couldn't write out the exact points of the principle, but I will briefly share some with u guys! 
It's gonna be kinda long, but nevertheless it will not waste your time by reading it. 

Career, is not about MONEY, 
it's about the HOPE that it will gives you. 

Family is EVERYTHING. 

To do something new it takes COURAGE.

Love > Faith > Courage 
 Love bring Faith, Faith bring us to courage to do whatever we want

I don't know what I can achieve before I try. 
So, go TRY it!
Because you will never know what's your achievement before you try.

Fear is the most POWER emotion.
You fear what people think, you fear you cant achieve.

In your life, there are many RATIONAL FEAR & SILLY FEAR.
Don't hear those silly fear! It will only weaken you.

If you're not happy when you're SINGLE.
You won't be happy when MARRIED!

When you can't found a MIRACLE.
You CAN be a MIRACLE for someone else like me (Nick Vujicic)

You don't know what MIRACLE you can BE.
You will only know it when you CHANGE.

Everyone live today have a VALUE, have a PURPOSE.
So, when you din't see your VALUE yet, 
means you never reach your FULL POTENTIAL if you din't seek it!

Because when I fail, I try again ,again, again, and again.

FAILURE = Education / Lesson learn!
Some failure are more expensive than others.

You DON'T NEED courage to WIN
You NEED courage to LOSE
You need to lose many times in order to win.

You must ACCEPT the failure.
But you're not the failure.
Because there's no another you to do it BETTER.

Set small GOAL.
We can't do a big jump, but there's nothing wrong we take a SMALL STEP.
As long as we are in the RIGHT direction.
When I step a small step, I'm still closer to that GOAL. 

Dream Big and NEVER GIVE UP.
It may not happen today, but it will happen in time.
Remember that, Obstacle =  Opportunity!

Today! Make your CHOICE today.
Today is everything. If you have hope today, you never have to find hope in hope again.

How you ACT and how you LOVE
Is because who you are.

If you GIVE UP your dream, just give up.
Don't let it kill you silently!

What ever mean to be in your LIFE.
It is mean to happen. Move it on, everything will be fine!

Do your BEST.
The GOD will do the rest.

Don't be DISCOURAGE when it didn't have result.
Because trees don't grow in one day.
It needs dirt, nutrition, crap, sunlight and so much things to GROW!

Go through the DOOR that OPENS.
Grab the chance that it's there.
Don't BREAK the door that CLOSE.

Keep GOING, appreciate everyone who say YES to you!
Never Give Up.

It is pretty impress that Nick Vujicic could have the COURAGE more than us, a normal human being to enjoy life, think positive in all ways without four limbs.
He could surf, fishing, scuba diving with sharks in Singapore, ride boat, ride horses, swimming and so so so many going on. 

He told us that we wish to hug everyone of us below the stage, but he couldn't do so. 
Because he did not have limbs, so he said that he afraid he will be carry home by us. H-A-H-A!
I'm happy that I could meet Nick Vujicic in my life time in person! 

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Till next time!

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