Chinese New Year is coming soon! 
Have you done any shopping already? I haven't been in Bata for so long after high school!
Glad to revisit them again for my CNY shopping this year.
Remember to stay till the end of this post for their great deals during this Chinese New Year!

B A T A   O U T L E T
Do you know that Bata Malaysia have more than 250 stores nationwide?
It's a leading footwear manufacturer and marketer in Malaysia till today!

I really love how Bata Malaysia have varieties of choices that suitable for entire families! 
From exquisite collection of festive footwear till accessories and bags. 
You can find all the Chinese New Year collection at the front rack of the store!

All the choice is pretty sleek and trendy! 
Plus, I love how the price is really affordable for everyone!
My mum and nanny would definitely love the traditional contemporary sandals!  

Men's collection.
Hubby said that the shoes is super comfy when he tried on the formal shoes!

Dilemma which to choose as there are a lot of good choices in the store!

Which one should I pick? Both looking good on me!

At last I picked this choice! The Marie Claire Bag Pack.
As I'll be travelling again on this CNY, thus I think it is a perfect choice for me to bring along!

Look how spacious the bag is! I could put so many stuff in it!

This year Chinese New Year Collection inspiration are from delicate femininity and traditional detailing which including contemporary touches throughout its collection.

What's more for this Chinese New Year are: 
Get a FREE Marie Claire Charm Bracelet + RM28 discount voucher 
by spending RM138 in a single receipt at any Bata stores. 
While stocks last only! What are you waiting for? 

Did I mention that you can also shop online with Bata Malaysia now?
Yes! You can order via online now!

For More Information:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Official Website: https://www.bata.com.my/


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