Days in September.

How's your life in September? Awesome event overloaded?
I've been taking a break from my current job, planned to went downtown to explore more opportunity in life! So I'm kinda free and easy this month. yet, it's going so far so good for me.
Time flies so fast and gonna reach October soon!
It's my month. So, Yea! It's another awesome month for me!

Today gonna update some of my days in September!
Pictures are everywhere, so I'm gonna compile some into a post for today.
Here goes.

1. Charisk in Penang.
Another awesome blogger girl-friend that I met during the Celcom 4G LTE Race.
She's so sweet and pretty in person. She really did her promised that she rang us up when she's down town!
So, babe's date ON with my love one, Jxhia and Charisk.
Spend our time in Mustache Houze, yet the drinks really make us puke.
For me, no next time.

Mine and Charisk's.

The best among all I think.

2. Baby Esther's 21st Birthday Bash

Happy birthday my love one!
Party held in Ferringhi Villa with the theme of light and pastel color.
Glad that you've turn 21st. Dai Gor Lui liao! Hope you will be less Meng Meng than last time. Hugs*

Birthday Girl.

With my ladies, Esther and Jxhia

My J's.

Love her cake! Looks classy and elegant.

Un-tick one of her wishlist! Hope you like it.

3. Graduation Day

Sorry for the sucks photo quality from my Iphone 4s front camera.
Blink of eye then reach the day of graduation! It was an memorable moment in life, I'm kinda happy to back in Uni for the 1st time with happy and excited mood. Haha.

Thank you for all the wishes from Facebook / Insta / SMS.
I read it ALL but some of them I dint reply, but I just wanna said "THANK YOU" for your blessing and wishes. It's kinda waste I dint took pictures with all the friends, cause I can't really find u guys around the corner. But I would love to see u guys again in the future kay? Keep in touch!

These are all the pictures I have with me, if you guys have extra pictures with my face on, please drop me a message in Facebook! Thank you for all the flowers*


Till here today!
Gonna blog some awesome event in next post.


  1. Congratz on your graduation :)

  2. I want to say the same thing too! congratz on ur graduation! and ur friend esther look so damn pretty~

  3. Ken: Thankiew so muchie!

    Maple Shuh Hong: Thankiew sweetie! Yea, she's pretty gorgeous!