SAM's Groceria Grand Opening

I'm glad that I've been invited to the grand opening of SAM's Groceria at Gurney Paragon last week.
Tag along my girlfriends to attend the opening together to witness the latest premium urban grocer to hit the Malaysian market!

Their opening was fascinating and creative!
As we know that SAM's Groceria sells all type of groceries in their store, thus they using all their grocery products to perform. They using chopper board and knife to make some noise and music to make the crowd alive!

SAM's Groceria is the 1st retailer in the Asia-Pacific region to introduce the use of the "Personal Shopping System" by Motorola Solutions that is set to provide an even more convenient and hassle-free shopping experience. You will know more later! It is really a brand new thing in Malaysia's market.

Thanks to Leonard for the invites.

Heading down to LG to start the tour in SAM's Groceria after the opening!

They are so sweet that, we are all given two cards, which is the SAM's Groceria Family Card and a Touch and Go card worth RM50 to enjoy our shopping experience with the "Personal Shopping System" that I mention earlier in SAM's Groceria!

This Family Card could be break into 4 pieces to share with your family members! 

Looks cool with the printing of SAM's Groceria! 
All Touch n Go card could be use in there, so no worries*

This is the "Personal Shopping System" that I mention - SAM's Self Scan.

Scan the Family Card that given earlier under the scanning machine, and you'll be given this!
You'll need to wait for the light to show which scanner you'll be given.

Everything is so fresh here and the variety is LOTS. 

No odour of fish / meat although you're in the section! Fresh right?

Girls just can't get rid of this!
They have Haagen Danz and Baskin. Just my picture blur off =/

All section are divided very clearly and lotsa variety of import products from overseas!

Not forgetting having food testing!
We are more like food testing review actually. haha

Just love how the way they divide. 
Foods from PAKISTAN

Thailand and Taiwan



After we've pick our purchase item, we could scan our item by using the scanner that we've taken earlier to scan all the item that we picked. Then proceed to this counter, SAM's Self Scan counter to bill.

The cashier will check the scanner that we tag along, and check the item that we purchase in our basket.
Pay by using Touch n Go and you're done!
Easy right! Less time consumption to wait for the long Q every time!

They are really friendly and giving awesome service! 

Moving to the next part of SAM's Groceria for lunch served!

They served variety of food for us.
From Western to Local, Main course to Dessert.

Meet this superb friendly guy - Leonard.
Thankiew for the invites. See you again laaa*

Ma Dearie. Esther.

My Baby J. Jxhia

New friend! She's super young and fashionista.
Miss Kuan

Life Made Fresher - SAM's Groceria believes that in providing Malaysian with a fresher alternative, a choice to eat right and ultimately, live right.

Thank you so much for the invites and having awesome shopping experience with SAM's Groceria.
For more information about SAM's Groceria :
Website : http://samsgroceria.com/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/samsgroceria
Twitter : @samsgroceria


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