Digi Roaming

I'm a person that loves to travel so much every year!
BUT for traveling lovers, we often worry the same thing when travelling to overseas.
NO Internet! YES.
I just can't live without internet in daily life, social network is a MUST for me to keep it update always.
Facebook / Instagram / Whatsapp / WeChat / Email and so on!
So when comes to internet, we often worry about to turn ON the Roaming because of we have no idea how much our total bill would be after having Roaming ON during our we our vacation in overseas right?

I'm glad that I'm a loyal DIGI user since I was in form 4, and the most important is DIGI never disappoint me every time!
Thus, I always turn my Roaming ON even when I'm having my vacation in overseas with DIGI.

  • Update Facebook Status / Share my precious moment with u guys!
  • Use Google Maps to seek for place of interest. (Cafe / Sightseeing Places)
  • Search for general information. (Currency Converter  / Weather Forecast / Language Translator) 
  • Mail Checking. ( Is a must for me to check my business mail!)
  • Whats-app instead of SMS
PLUS, No bill shock when you travel and data roam overseas! Plus you can enjoy unlimited roaming via your mobile phone, laptop and even tablet with a daily max cap from as low as RM32/day. 
The best part is, you can roam with 41 operators worldwide!
You can share the best moment of vacation like me in social media!

#Throwback in Bali  #Indonesia

#Throwback Chiang Mai #Thailand

#Throwback Taiwan

Here's the awesome promotion that DIGI having now : 
  • Data usage of 3 MB and above will be charged at a flat rate (daily max cap) of RM32 / RM36 / RM56 per day.
  • Data usage less than 3 MB will be charged at :
    • RM10.66/MB with 10 kb charging block for RM32 / day
    • RM12/MB with 10 kb charging block for RM36 / day
    • RM18.66/MB with 10 kb charging block for RM56 / day
Perhaps you're thinking that how much 1 MB of data can be use for?
Pictures = Average picture size of 60 kb, we can upload around 15 pictures.
Message = Average 1 kb / message, its about 1000 message [Without Attachment] can be sent/received via Whatsapp.

If you guys want to have worry-free roaming, you guys should activate your data roaming abroad because they won’t be charged more than the daily max cap. 
Even if you are not a heavy data user, it will be charged based on ‘Pay As You Use’ method, which means if they only use up to 1MB of data, it will be charged according to the charging block! Example RM10.66/MB (Depending on which country you are in!)

Thus, there are no worries for me anymore to keep me update in social media status!
Anywhere, anytime!
Do check that all the rates are count specific in each country!

For more information :
Log in to www.digi.com.my/roaming to find out the rates for each country.


  1. I am also using DIGI network on my Blackberry mobile phone. I am impressed by its roaming data packs. I was previously tied up with some other network. OS I unlocked my phone using unlock code to use DIGI. I got the unlock cod for my Blackberry phone from UnBBLock.com at affordable cost.